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So basis for these disorders remains obscure buy celebrex 100mg on line, particularly the far buy celebrex 100mg online, neuroleptic drugs that block one pathway almost always role of environmental influences on individuals with a ge- block the other as well generic celebrex 100 mg overnight delivery, leading to unwanted neurological netic predisposition to developing a disorder generic 200mg celebrex overnight delivery. Altered side effects, including abnormal involuntary movements (tar- states of the brain’s monoaminergic systems have been a dive dyskinesia) after long-term treatment or parkinsonism major focus as possible underlying factors, based on ex- in the short term. Similarly, some patients with Parkinson’s tensive human studies in which neurochemical imbalances disease who receive L-DOPA to augment dopaminergic in catecholamines, acetylcholine, and serotonin have been transmission in the nigrostriatal pathway must be taken off observed. Another reason for focusing on the monoamin- the medication because they develop psychosis. The affective disorders include ma- Memory and learning are inextricably linked because part jor depression, which can be so profound as to provoke sui- of the learning process involves the assimilation of new in- cide, and bipolar disorder (or manic-depressive disorder), formation and its commitment to memory. The most likely in which periods of profound depression are followed by sites of learning in the human brain are the large association periods of mania, in a cyclic pattern. Biochemical studies areas of the cerebral cortex, in coordination with subcorti- indicate that depressed patients show decreased use of cal structures deep in the temporal lobe, including the hip- brain NE. The association areas draw on Whether in depression or in mania, all patients seem to sensory information received from the primary visual, audi- have decreased brain serotonergic transmission, suggesting tory, somatic sensory, and olfactory cortices and on emo- that serotonin may exert an underlying permissive role in tional feelings transmitted via the limbic system. This in- abnormal mood swings, in contrast with norepinephrine, formation is integrated with previously learned skills and whose transmission, in a sense, titrates the mood from stored memory, which presumably also reside in the asso- highest to lowest extremes. The most effective treatments for depression, including The learning process itself is poorly understood, but it antidepressant drugs such as MAOIs and selective serotonin can be studied experimentally at the synaptic level in iso- CHAPTER 7 Integrative Functions of the Nervous System 131 lated slices of mammalian brain or in more simple inver- An early demonstration of the dichotomy between de- tebrate nervous systems. Synapses subjected to repeated clarative and procedural memory came from studies by Dr. An early event in long-term potentiation is ber ever having done the task before. Declarative memory can be di- a host of intracellular proteins and altered excitability. In vided into that which can be recalled for only a brief period addition to biochemical changes in synaptic efficacy as- (seconds to minutes), and that which can be recalled for sociated with learning at the cellular level, structural al- weeks to years. The number of connections between sets readily recalled for only a few minutes or more using short- of neurons increases as a result of experience. An example of short-term memory is look- Much of our knowledge about human memory forma- ing up a telephone number, repeating it mentally until you tion and retrieval is based on studies of patients in whom finish dialing the number, then promptly forgetting it as stroke, brain injury, or surgery resulted in memory dis- you focus your attention on starting the conversation. Such knowledge is then examined in more rigor- Short-term memory is a product of working memory; the ous experiments in nonhuman primates capable of cog- decision to process information further for permanent stor- nitive functions. From these combined approaches, we age is based on judgment as to its importance or on whether know that the prefrontal cortex is essential for coordi- it is associated with a significant event or emotional state. The conversion of short-term to input from the parietal, occipital, and temporal lobes long-term memory is facilitated by repetition, by adding and emotional input from the limbic system. Drawing on more than one sensory modality to learn the new experience skills such as language and mathematical ability, the pre- (e. The prefrontal cortex can thus experience (through the limbic system) to a strong, mean- be considered the site of working memory, where new ingful emotional context. The role of the hippocampus in experiences are processed, as opposed to sites that con- consolidating the memory is reinforced by its participation solidate the memory and store it. The processed infor- in generating the emotional state with which the new expe- mation is then transmitted to the hippocampus, where it rience is associated. As determined by studying patients is consolidated over several hours into a more permanent such as H. Once a long-term memory is formed, the hippocampus Declarative and Procedural Memory. Nor was there loss of intellectual ca- Declarative memory refers to memory of events and facts pacity, mathematical skills, or other cognitive functions. Mil- bilateral medial temporal lobectomies lose their ability to ner, who worked with him for years, had to introduce her- form any new declarative memories.

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The dis- advantage is that depositions take time away from your practice purchase 200mg celebrex free shipping, and it is hard to listen to an expert impugning you celebrex 200mg on line. If you do sit in on a deposition and something is said on which you want to comment to your lawyer generic 100mg celebrex with mastercard, make a note of it and discuss it with him or her in private celebrex 100mg without prescription. Before your trial, read your deposition carefully, and virtually memo- rize it so that you will be consistent at trial. Before your court date, visit the courtroom to familiarize yourself with the setting. Plan on attending the entire trial, demonstrating that you care about the case. It is also reasonable to have your spouse attend the trial once or twice to show your human side. When sitting in the court- room and during other testimony, make eye contact with the jury. Identify inaccuracies made by other witnesses or points that can be used by your attorney, which can be discussed with your attorney when there is a break in the case. The following are some guidelines on handling yourself at trial (see the Discovery: Deposition section for how to answer questions posed by the plaintiff attorney)(1–3,8–10). Men are encouraged to wear dark suits, and subtle ties, but not bow ties, which have an eccentric connotation. Turn to face the lawyer when he or she poses a question and then turn to the jury to answer the question. Do not use medical terminology that the jury will not understand, but also try not to talk down to the jury. The use of models, diagrams, and photographs can help illustrate points clearly. The plaintiff attorney will try to chal- lenge your reputation and make you nervous. Jurors expect attorneys to be arrogant and aggressive, in part based on portrayals of attor- neys by the media. I have been involved in several cases in which the same attorney who grilled me on one case asked if he could hire me on a different case because I did such a good job under fire at a deposition. If you recog- nize that these attorneys are only doing what is expected of them, it may help in removing some of the emotion from the situation. Outside the courtroom, either before, during, or after breaks, always retain your professional demeanor. Jurors could see you and think that you are not taking the case seri- ously. Also, do not talk about the case until your lawyers says it is okay, because the other side can pick up remarks. ACKNOWLEDGMENT This is an excerpt from an article entitled “Pathologists and the Judi- cial Process: How to Avoid It” by Jonathan I. This por- tion of the article was selected because it explains so well the purpose of pretrial discovery and provides valuable insight into the conduct of a deposition. Discover strategies for avoiding legal pitfalls if you must ever give a deposition. Chapter 6 / Communication and Patient Safety 63 III THE CLINICAL FACE OF LITIGATION 64 Gorney Chapter 6 / Communication and Patient Safety 65 6 Communication and Patient Safety Mark Gorney, MD SUMMARY Faulty communication is among the most common underlying causes of medical error and frequently erodes the doctor–patient relationship. Communication should be understood in the broad- est sense, including nonverbal, oral, and written. This chapter reviews the most common mechanisms responsible for commu- nication failures and recommends specific routines to minimize or avoid them altogether. Key Words: Poor listening habits; nonverbal; speech tempo; body language; repetition. INTRODUCTION Patient anger underlies many malpractice claims and frequently results from ineffective communication. The breakdown is usually between doctor and patient but may also involve miscommunica- tion between physicians and nurses or between physicians and family members.

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