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Aside from diverting the attention of patients from the real source of their problems cheap imuran 50 mg fast delivery, some of these labels are serious and harmful enough to be worthy of comment imuran 50mg visa. Another patient was told the lipoma on her forearm was potentially malignant buy imuran 50mg on line. Two patients were taking propylthiouracil for unsubstantiated hyperthyroidism generic 50 mg imuran free shipping. Sweet Ting was taking insulin for her misdiag- nosed diabetes and having frequent hypoglycemic episodes. One patient was referred for cobalt therapy to the pituitary gland for a false diagnosis of acromegaly. Te diagnosis was based on borderline physical findings of a large face, jaw, and hands, and a growth-hormone level at the upper limits of normal that allegedly was not suppressed with glucose administration. When I ques- tioned the patient, she said she had not received any glucose on the day of the serial measurements. An infusion of glucose produced complete suppression of her growth-hormone levels. One patient had had serial teeth extractions until all the teeth had been removed from the entire left side of her mouth. Tere were two patients on glucocorticoids for false diagnoses of thyroid- itis. One patient was on chronic coumadin therapy for phlebitis, which turned out to be self-produced bruises along the course of the veins in her legs. Most of the false diagnoses in the patients I saw concerned en- docrine diseases, because this was my specialty practice. Clearly, the false diagnoses had the potential to pro- duce serious and harmful consequences, both psychologically and physically. Prevalence of False Diagnoses: An Unanswered Question One of the questions I posed in the introduction to this book was, How common is the error of assigning a false diagnosis to a pa- tient? I have found only one study that defined the extent of false diagnoses of a disease in a popula- tion, and that tracked the number of false diagnoses of heart disease in 20,000 school children in Seattle. Bergman and Stamm (1967) found 110 children with a diagnosis of heart disease who were then subjected to detailed cardiac evaluation. Only 18 percent actually had heart disease; 72 percent had no heart disease. If false diagno- ses of other chronic diseases are even close to this magnitude, there is obviously a serious problem in the health-care system. Since 1967, I have been unable to find another population- based study that attempted to define the prevalence of any false diagnosis. Te literature is full of studies of the errors of missing diagnoses of all sorts. Yet the unaddressed and unanswered ques- tion remains: What is the prevalence of false diagnoses of the ma- jor chronic diseases? I coauthored an article in 1995 titled Te Cryptic Error of Nondisease: Te Hidden Power of Prevalence of Disease (Meador and Lanius 1995) that attempted to present a testable theory to ex- 94 Symptoms of Unknown Origin plain this lack of interest and attention. Te principles and techniques I used in this series of seventy-eight patients proved useful in a variety of patient prob- lems. I also began to add other methods and techniques to my in- terviewing, listening, and communication strategies, as the case reports in the chapters to follow demonstrate. Each Friday, four or five clinical faculty members flew in the university airplane out into the small towns of south Alabama to give lectures, demonstrations, and consultations to practicing physicians. Late in the afternoon, after the faculty members had been picked up, each from a different town, we flew south down the branching and con- verging waters of the rivers north of Mobile. Te waters glistened and broadened, eventually forming the backwaters and then the expanse of Mobile Bay that stretched more than thirty miles to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Although the genus Entero- not cause disease unless the mucosal barrier is damaged by trauma imuran 50mg lowest price, coccus contains approximately 12 species discount imuran 50 mg fast delivery, the main pathogens are previous infection discount 50mg imuran otc, or surgical manipulation purchase 50 mg imuran with amex. Most enterococcal infections occur in the organisms to enter the bloodstream and gain access to other parts hospitalized patients, especially those in critical care units. For example, the organisms may cause endocarditis if tors for nosocomial infections include serious underlying disease, they reach damaged heart valves. They cause pneumonia, sinusitis, otitis secondary invaders in urinary tract or wound infections. This serious infection occurs most ops when the mechanisms that normally expel organisms inhaled often in people with underlying heart disease, such as an injured CHAPTER 33 GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF ANTIMICROBIAL DRUGS 497 BOX 33–1 COMMON BACTERIAL PATHOGENS (Continued) valve. This infection is diagnosed by isolating enterococci from Proteus organisms are normally found in the intestinal tract and in blood cultures. They most often cause urinary tract and wound ampicillin and gentamicin, enterococcal endocarditis may be fatal. Infection usually occurs with antibiotic therapy, which de- Gram-Negative Bacteria creases drug-sensitive bacteria and allows drug-resistant bacteria Bacteroides to proliferate. Bacteroides are anaerobic bacteria normally found in the digestive, respiratory, and genital tracts. They are the most common bacte- Pseudomonas ria in the colon, where they greatly outnumber Escherichia coli. They are found in the stools of some healthy people and pelvic abscesses (eg, after surgery or trauma that allows fecal con- possibly 50% of hospital patients. Because of its resistance to many antibiotics, it can cause se- Escherichia coli vere infections in people receiving antibiotic therapy for burns, E. Infection is more likely to occur in hosts who synthesizing vitamins and by competitively discouraging growth are very young or very old or who have impaired immune systems. They also cause pneu- trauma or procedures involving the brain or spinal cord, and con- monia and sepsis in immunocompromised hosts and meningitis and tamination of respiratory ventilators. In healthy people, the normal gram- fections are especially difficult to treat because the organism is re- positive organisms of oral cavities attach to material that coats the sistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat other gram-negative surface of oral mucosa and prevents transient E. Debilitated or severely ill people produce an en- Serratia zyme that destroys the material that allows gram-positive flora to S. They cause serious nosocomial infections of the uri- enteric bacteria) to compete successfully with the normal gram- nary tract, respiratory tract, skin, burn wounds, and bloodstream. Then, droplets of the oral They also may cause hospital epidemics and produce drug-resistant flora are aspirated into the respiratory tract, where impaired protec- strains. High-risk patients include newborns, the debilitated, and the tive mechanisms allow survival of the aspirated organisms. The organisms cause gastroenteritis, typhoid bloodstream of people with severe illnesses and conditions such as fever, septicemia, and a severe, sometimes fatal type of food poi- neutropenia, the host is unable to mount adequate defenses and sep- soning. Humans become infected through ingestion of contaminated organisms causing nosocomial septic shock and meningitis. Infection by food usually strain, called O157:H7, causes hemorrhagic colitis, a disease char- results from ingestion of contaminated meat or by hands transfer- acterized by severe abdominal cramps, copious bloody diarrhea, ring organisms from an infected source. In the United States, and hemolytic-uremic syndrome (hemolytic anemia, thrombo- undercooked poultry and eggs are common sources. Hemolytic-uremic syndrome Salmonella enterocolitis is a common cause of food-borne out- occurs most often in children. Diarrhea usually begins several hours intestinal tract of animals, especially cattle, and several epidemics after ingesting contaminated food and may continue for several have been associated with ingestion of undercooked ground beef. Other sources include contaminated water and milk and person-to- Shigella person spread. Because it cannot survive in nature, the presence of Shigella species cause gastrointestinal problems ranging from E. Humans, who seem to Klebsiella be the only natural hosts, become infected after ingestion of con- Klebsiella organisms, which are normal bowel flora, may infect the taminated food or water. Effects of shigellosis are attributed to the respiratory tract, urinary tract, bloodstream, burn wounds, and loss of fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients and to the ulceration that meninges, most often as opportunistic infections in debilitated per- occurs in the colon wall. In pneumococcal penicillin use because the organisms produced beta-lactamase en- infections resistant to penicillins and cephalosporins, vancomycin, zymes (penicillinases) that destroyed penicillin.

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Penicillins are rapidly excreted by the kidneys and soft tissue discount 50 mg imuran otc, respiratory imuran 50 mg discount, gastrointestinal discount 50mg imuran free shipping, and genitourinary 516 SECTION 6 DRUGS USED TO TREAT INFECTIONS streptococcal pharyngitis; and for prevention of bacterial endo- Drugs at a Glance: Carbapenems and Monobactams carditis in people with diseased heart valves who undergo Routes and Dosage Ranges dental or some surgical procedures generic 50mg imuran. Several preparations of penicillin G are available for intra- Generic/Trade Name Adults Children venous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) administration. Only aqueous preparations can be Ertapenem IV 1 g once daily Dosage not estab- given IV. Preparations containing benzathine or procaine can (Invanz) over 15–30 min. Long-acting repository forms have additives Imipenem/cilastatin IV 250–1,000 mg >40 kg weight, that decrease their solubility in tissue fluids and delay their (Primaxin) q6–8h. IM 500–750 mg to 10 mg/kg/d in Penicillin V is derived from penicillin G and has the same q12h divided doses. It is not destroyed by gastric acid and Maximum dose, is given only by the oral route. Meropenem IV 1 g q8h, as a 3 mo and older: IV (Merrem) bolus injection 20–40 mg/kg q8h over 3–5 min or Penicillinase-Resistant (Antistaphylococcal) infusion over Penicillins 15–30 min This group includes four drugs (cloxacillin, dicloxacillin, naf- Monobactam cillin, and oxacillin) that are effective in some infections caused Aztreonam UTI, IM, IV 0. An older member of Moderate systemic this group, methicillin, is no longer marketed for clinical use. These drugs are formulated to resist the penicillinases that UTI, urinary tract infection. They are recommended for use in known or suspected staphylococcal infections, except for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections. Although called methicillin-resistant, these tococci, staphylococci, and other microorganisms continues staphylococcal microorganisms are also resistant to other to grow. Aminopenicillins Contraindications to Use Ampicillin is a broad-spectrum, semisynthetic penicillin that Contraindications include hypersensitivity or allergic reac- is bactericidal for several types of gram-positive and gram- tions to any penicillin preparation. It has been effective against enterococci, penicillin means the client is allergic to all members of the Proteus mirabilis, Salmonella, Shigella, and Escherichia penicillin class. The potential for cross-allergenicity with coli, but resistant forms of these organisms are increasing. It cephalosporins and carbapenems exists, so other alternatives is ineffective against penicillinase-producing staphylococci should be selected in pencillin-allergic clients when possible. Ampicillin is excreted mainly by the kidneys; thus, it is useful in urinary tract infections (UTI). Because some is ex- Subgroups and Individual Penicillins creted in bile, it is useful in biliary tract infections not caused by biliary obstruction. It is used in the treatment of bronchitis, Penicillins G and V sinusitis, and otitis media. Amoxicillin is similar to ampicillin except it is only avail- Penicillin G, the prototype, remains widely used because able orally. It is better absorbed and produces therapeutic of its effectiveness and minimal toxicity. It also causes staphylococci and gonococci have acquired resistance to less gastrointestinal distress. Some strains of streptococci have Extended-Spectrum (Antipseudomonal) acquired resistance to penicillin G, although the drug is still Penicillins effective in many streptococcal infections. Thus, it is often the drug of choice for the treatment of streptococcal pharyn- The drugs in this group (carbenicillin, ticarcillin, mezlocillin, gitis; for prevention of rheumatic fever, a complication of and piperacillin) have a broad spectrum of antimicrobial ac- CHAPTER 34 BETA-LACTAM ANTIBACTERIALS: PENICILLINS, CEPHALOSPORINS, AND OTHERS 517 tivity, especially against gram-negative organisms such as include cefoperazone, which is excreted in bile, and ceftriax- Pseudomonas and Proteus species and E. For pseudo- one, which undergoes dual elimination via the biliary tract monal infections, one of these drugs is usually given con- and kidneys. Cefotaxime is primarily metabolized in the liver comitantly with an aminoglycoside or a fluoroquinolone (see to an active metabolite, desacetylcefotaxime, which is elim- Chap. Carbenicillin is available as an oral formulation inated by the kidneys. The other drugs are usually given by intermittent IV infusion, although most can be given IM.

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Interventions should also aim to improve tions that act as compensatory tech- walking speed cheap imuran 50 mg. The probability of being referred for inpatient In summary purchase imuran 50mg without a prescription, the hemiplegic gait is prone to: rehabilitation within 10 days of a stroke is very 1 discount imuran 50 mg with amex. A shorter step length with the unaffected high for patients who walk 30 cm/second and leg 10 low for those who walk 60 cm/second imuran 50mg low cost. Longer stance duration, mostly from patients reach a threshold velocity of 40 cm/sec- longer double-limb support time with 11 ond for home ambulation, therapy ought to shorter time on the paretic leg aim for faster walking speeds and for more en- 3. Shorter duration of swing ergy efficient distances traveled to permit un- 4. Community am- stance, which, by moving the center of bulation usually takes a walking velocity of 60 to mass forward, is associated with an in- 11 80 cm/second or walking at over 1. Decreased lateral shift to the paretic side during single-limb support Paraparetic Gait 6. Less knee flexion and ankle dorsiflexion during swing, compensated by circum- The observational gait of patients with spastic duction of the affected leg paraparesis reveals a variety of compensatory 258 Common Practices Across Disorders mechanisms to achieve locomotion. The devi- Gait with Poliomyelitis ations noted for hemiplegic gait apply to both lower extremities. Hip and knee flexion can be Anterior trunk flexion with knee hyperexten- prominent in swing and stance, especially in sion is a common compensation for severe patients with a cervical central cord syndrome. This paresis The gait may look like the stepping pattern of can cause degenerative disease of the knee a child with spastic diplegia from cerebral joints. Heel contact may be absent, replaced by as the paraspinals and hip and ankle movers, a plantarflexed or flat-footed initial floor con- yield a variety of gait deviations and compen- tact. Severely affected patients re- vents the ankle from dorsiflexing into a posi- quire bracing the ankles and knees. Electromyographic (EMG) analysis often Biomechanics, kinesiology, electrophysiology, shows a prolonged duration of EMG activation and computer modeling have contributed to with premature recruitment and delayed re- research into the mechanisms and evaluation laxation compared with healthy persons. Quantitative EMG bursts tend to be flat with decreased or methods of gait analysis draw from these dis- absent peaks. Studies reveal information about nor- nemius muscles show reduced activity over the mal16 and abnormal17 motor control and can whole step cycle, whereas the tibialis anterior lead to therapeutic interventions and to as- may show increased activity during early swing. Some Prolonged bursts can accompany passive mus- of the practical techniques for gait analysis are cle lengthening. Techniques for Injury to even a single nerve may cause con- Gait Analysis siderable deviations and secondary compen- TIME-DISTANCE VARIABLES sations in gait. For example, paralysis of the tibialis anterior muscle decreases walking ve- Footswitch stride analyzer locity by several mechanisms. Step length de- Footprint analysis creases, mostly on the nonparalyzed side. On Conductive or pressure-sensitive walkway the paralyzed side, one may find a decrease in ankle dorsiflexion moment at the end of KINEMATICS stance, a decrease in vertical ground reaction Electrogoniometers force, a decrease in weight transfer to the for- ward part of the foot, a decrease in knee ex- Computerized video analysis with joint markers tensor range and torque in the stance phase, Electromagnetic field motion analysis an increase in ankle dorsiflexion range in 14 DYNAMIC ELECTROMYOGRAPHY stance, and increased energy cost. Step Surface and fine wire electrodes length decreases on the nonparalyzed side. KINETICS On the paralyzed side, vertical forces on push- off decrease, the knee extensor moment with Force plate in walkway or treadmill stance decreases, the plantar flexion moment Piezoelectric and load cell force transducers in with early stance decreases, and the dorsi- shoes flexion moment with late stance decreases. To METABOLIC ENERGY EXPENDITURE achieve foot clearance, hip and knee flexion 15 Oxygen consumption by respirometry must increase during swing. Approaches for Walking 259 ies for neurologic diseases are usually reserved diodes. Fiber-op- as for orthopedic procedures that include a ten- tic systems that embed wires in a pair of don lengthening or transposition, and some- trousers and electromagnetic field techniques times to determine which muscle groups are yet more sophisticated means to evaluate should be silenced with an injection of botu- kinematics. Figure 6–3C shows the sagittal plane kine- matics of the hip, knee, and ankle during a nor- mal step cycle.

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