Arts Centre Accessibility

We strive to keep the Arts Centre as accessible as possible. If you have specific questions or requests regarding accessibility, contact our administrator Emily at 778 412 9044, or

Wheelchair Accessibility

The Arts Centre has three levels. The main floor houses four studio spaces, one gender-neutral bathroom, and a kiln room. There are no steps on this floor. The dimensions and specifications of the bathroom are available here. The emergency exit at the rear of the building on the main floor has one step down from the floor level to the parking lot.

The upper floor is the Graham Kelsey Room and kitchen (view floor plan here). There is a wheelchair lift from the front entrance to the upper floor, that can support up to 495 lbs. The wheelchair lift can be operated by the user or remotely. Please contact the Arts Centre Administrator if you know you will need the lift for a specific date or event, to ensure you can access the key. From the rear of the Graham Kelsey Room there is a small porch with stairs exiting to the City Hall parking lot. In the event of an emergency, if the front entrance is not available, wheelchair users will need assistance exiting via the stairs off the back porch.

The basement houses offices for the Central Cariboo Arts and Culture Society and the Community Arts Council of Williams Lake, as well as two gender-neutral bathrooms, and a small lounge. There are only stairs leading into the basement.


The hallways and studio spaces on the main floor are lit with fluorescent tube lighting. The Graham Kelsey Room upstairs has optional fluorescent tube or halogen lights (as well as ample natural light). The basement is lit with incandescent lights.


While we try to promote a scent-free culture within the Arts Centre, the nature of the building prevents us from calling our establishment a “scent-free” building. On any given day we may have painting or pottery workshops, ceremonies involving smudging, or any number of other activities that may irritate those who are more sensitive to strong fragrances. We ask our users to abstain from wearing strong fragrances when visiting the Arts Centre, out of respect for all other users.