Central Cariboo Arts and Culture


The CCACS Grant Info and Guidelines document will answer a lot of your questions, so it is a great place to start!

I have a great idea! Can I get CCACS funding for it?

There is likely a CCACS grant stream that you are eligible to apply for if

  • you are an existing non-profit or community group
  • your work is or will be based within the Central Cariboo region (City of Williams Lake and CRD Areas D, E, and F)
  • your idea is arts and/or cultural based.

Check out the various streams and deadlines that are available under the CCACS Grants program, and then get in touch with our Executive Director Melissa Normandin to find out if your idea might be eligible to be considered for funding.

What are “CRD Areas D, E, and F”?

Funding is available for activities based within the City of Williams Lake or within the Cariboo Regional District Areas D, E, or F.

Area D includes Commodore Heights, Fox Mountain, McLeese Lake, Pine Valley, Wildwood, Xat’sull, Soda Creek, and Deep Creek areas.

Area E includes South Lakeside, Frost Creek, Springhouse, Esk’etemc, Stswecem’c Xgat’tem, Alkali Lake, and Dog Creek areas.

Area F includes T’exelc, 150 Mile House, Big Lake, Likely, Spokin Lake, and Horsefly areas.

For further Cariboo Regional District area information, please visit https://www.cariboord.ca/government/electoral-areas/electoral-areas-2

I have more than one great idea! Can I submit multiple applications for an application intake?

The short answer is yes! You are welcome to submit multiple applications for any given application intake. However, adjudicator feedback as well as other circumstances will dictate how many applications are approved for funding (number of other applications received, amount of funding available, application merit, etc).

My great idea will not be able to be completed within the one-year timeframe allowed for the completion of grant activities. Can I have more time?

All grant-related activities must be completed within the allotted timeframe for any given application intake. If your project is large in scope and will take multiple years, we recommend you break the project down into smaller projects or stages that can be completed on time. You may then apply for each of these project stages over multiple application intakes, building upon on your activities.

I have a great idea, but I’m not part of a non-profit organization or community group. Can I still apply for funding?

Only established non-profit organizations and community groups can apply for CCACS grants. It is recommended that you partner with a willing and relevant non-profit organization or community group to achieve your goals. Talk to our Executive Director Melissa Normandin about the various organizations and community groups that might lead to a relevant and successful partnership.

Please note that your non-profit does not need to be registered with BC Societies to be eligible, we instead use the following criteria for non-profit group: An established not-for-profit group which has a leader, a mandate, a bank account, and has been active in the community providing a public benefit over the past year.

How do I apply for CCACS Grant funding?

Please download the CCACS Grant Info and Guidelines document which contains guidelines and instructions on how to submit your application, information about eligibility, application requirements, and explains how the program is adjudicated. See the Grants Programs list for all of our programs and their deadlines.

Applications may be downloaded from our website or by request from the Executive Director. The latest version of Adobe Acrobat is required to digitally complete the form. Please ensure the application form is downloaded and saved to your computer prior to entering any information. If opened and completed in your internet browser, any information entered may not be saved.

I don’t know how to write a grant application and don’t understand the questions on the application form. Can you help me?

Of course! We want to see your great ideas happening in our community, and therefore want your application to be successful! Watch out for CCACS Grant Information Sessions or Facebook livestream Q&A sessions where you will have the opportunity ask questions and get assistance on your application. You may also directly contact our Executive Director Melissa Normandin with any questions.

Previously recorded Q&A sessions are available on our Facebook page.

What are eligible expenses?

We try not to restrict expenses too much, but our adjudicators definitely consider whether the budget is reasonable and whether it shows some financial or in-kind contribution by the applicant. Expenses must be utilized by the event or directly related to the proposed activities.

Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to: payments made to artists, performers, and project / activity coordinators; elder honorariums; project / activity supplies; venue rentals; and event insurance.

We strongly encourage fair and market-rate payments to artists and performers for artwork and services. For more information, please consider the CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule.

Please see our sample budget for an example of how your budget should be completed.

I’m new to my non-profit organization / community group and am unsure if we’ve received funding the past. How can I find out?

Check out our page of Previous Recipients. We provide information on successful grant recipients, their activities, and the amount funded. If you are still unsure, please contact our Executive Director Melissa Normandin.

My last grant application was rejected. Am I eligible to apply again?

Yes! Your application may have been rejected for any number of reasons, including a very competitive process and/or a lack of available funds. As such, we strive to provide grant applicants with feedback. The adjudicators will comment on the strengths and weaknesses of your application, providing you with insight for further applications either to the CCACS or elsewhere. Organizations who have had their application rejected are encouraged to contact our Executive Director for direct feedback following their notification of application status.

What should I include in my report on the use of funds?

Please see our page on reporting and download our handy reporting template. Reports should be emailed to the Executive Director, including all requested attachments, and are due within two months of your completed activities (based on the date provided in your grant application).

If your question was not answered by reading the CCACS Grant Information and Guidelines document or by reading these FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact our Executive Director Melissa Normandin for further assistance. We are here to help!